What exactly is Referee Academy?

Referee Academy is the first platform with training-specific content for referees. Football is the first part. Other sports will follow. The offer is to be expanded into several languages. Members of the Referee Academy are mostly active or former active referees who share their experiences and knowledge. Some of the content is free of charge, while some other content is subject to a fee in order to cover expenses and further develop the platform.

Is the learning module “RefExpert” also available via mobile phone?


On which devices can it be called up?

On all common devices. Incompatibilities are not yet known to us. If so, notify us and we will refund the full amount immediately.

Is there a separate application for mobile phones?

Not yet, but we are working on it. The program adapts automatically via the browser of a mobile device.

Who runs Referee Academy?

A group of referee instructors and active referees.

How many different questions does the database have?

The database currently contains 4,085 LOTG questions (as of March 2019).

Can I be sure that the questions are correct?

Yes, with a very high probability. Of course, mistakes also happen from time to time. If you notice an error, please report it via the link in the question (under the number plate) – We will check and correct the question within 72 hours.

How can you be sure of the LOTG interpretation?

In case of questions in which a certain part of the staff does not agree, we officially ask heads of education of national associations. But since some of our employees are active in top leagues or are in contact with them, this rarely happens.

Why does the program cost anything?

On the one hand, development and maintenance costs of the database have to be taken into account. Of course, these should also be further developed in order to guarantee you the best service. On the other hand, especially with LOTG changes, enormous time expenditures are necessary to keep the database up-to-date at all times. In contrast to the refereeing itself, this is not possible on a voluntary basis with such a large questionnaire. In order to cover costs and pay wages, we have to charge a reasonable price. There will be regular special offers and promotions on the site.

Do I have to expect that the application will become even more expensive?

Not really. In the build-up phase, the prices are somewhat lower due to various offers. However, no exorbitant price increases are planned afterwards. Only for certain still planned features a surcharge could be considered. However, these features are aimed more at institutions, teaching staff and group leaders than at individual persons who purchase a subscription.

Are further features planned?

Yes – our creativity is not over yet.

Does the product officially have anything to do with any football association?

No, we are completely independent. Accordingly, our content does not necessarily reflect the opinion of football associations.

Is there a volume discount for circles or groups?

Please contact us – individual prices for groups of 30 persons or more are possible.