Law changes inside!

Law changes inside!

It took a long time, but the more than 5,000 questions had to be thoroughly checked and revised. Now we have finally brought everything up to date*!

Of course we also updated all presentations and info sheets to the 2019/20 season. Teaching staff in particular benefit from up-to-date teaching materials and don’t have to fight with old materials for several weeks and months.

LOTG changes are included in the section 0.1.19 – so you can deal specifically with the changes.

Experience shows that we find 99% of all questions about LOTG changes, but the last percentage is sometimes not noticeable. If you should find any error, please report it to us via the “Report errors” function, so that we can check it. We will gladly reward you with a free month of the Standard Edition!

*so far in English and German language

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