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The education platform for referees

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Over 5,000 LOTG questions

The largest selection of LOTG questions. With a selection of over 1,000 (english) questions, we offer you all questions from A to Z – constantly increasing!

Always up to date

Our promise: Our questions are always up to date and are based on the valid official FIFA rules.

Guaranteed success

We guarantee that you will pass your exam, otherwise you will get your money back!

What do others say about us?

Harm Osmers

Keeps me going and keeps me up to date! Thanks to the team for the easy way to stay in training!

NFV Kreis
Region Hannover

The detailed feedback from when I got an answer wrong convinced me. Superb explanations and easy to use.

Our features

That’s why is the platform for referees

Your digital performance test

Train LOTG questions quickly, easily and clearly.

More questions than any other platform

With over 6,000 rule questions, we are the number 1 platform on the market.

Create LOTG tests quickly and easily

Create your own tests and train specifically on topics where you need to catch up.

Always and everywhere accessible

Whether you’re on the road with an app or at home on a tablet or desktop PC. Train wherever you want.

Wrong answers, simply explained

Did you answer a question incorrectly? We’ll give you a precise explanation of why this is the case.

More questions with Beach Soccer and Futsal

In our database you will find questions about beach soccer and futsal in addition to the classic topics.

Download presentations

Quickly read up on explanations and go deeper. Many downloads with game scenes are available.

Instructors can create tests with one click

Are you an instructor? Then organise your teaching work even more easily. Create tests at the touch of a button and share them with your referee colleagues.

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  • 6.000+ Regelfragen
  • Teilnahme Gruppentest
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  • Academy-Champion
  • Academy-Ranking
  • Inklusive Futsal & BeachSoccer

1,67 €*

*Monatlich bei Abschluss eines Jahresabos


  • 6.000+ Regelfragen
  • Teilnahme Gruppentest
  • Teilnahme Webinare
  • Academy-Champion
  • Academy-Ranking
  • Inklusive Futsal & BeachSoccer
  • Zugriff auf Präsentationen (PDFs)
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*Monatlich bei Abschluss eines Jahresabos


  • 6.000+ Regelfragen
  • Academy-Champion
  • Academy-Ranking
  • Inklusive Futsal & BeachSoccer
  • Zugriff auf Präsentationen (PowerPoint-Dateien)
  • Support per E-Mail
  • Professor-Funktion (Tests erstellen, Gruppenfunktionen, Webinare erstellen, Gruppenanalyse, Unterrichtsmaterial, Lehrszenen-Bibliothek)
  • Arbeitsblätter & Testcreator

13,25 €*

*Monatlich bei Abschluss eines Jahresabos


  • 2.000 Regelfragen
  • Academy-Champion
  • Academy-Ranking
  • Inklusive Futsal & BeachSoccer

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*Monatlich bei Abschluss eines Jahresabos

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What exactly is Referee Academy?

Referee Academy is the first platform with training-specific content for referees. Football was the first part of this since 2016. Other sports will follow. The offer is already partly multilingual and is to be further expanded. Members of the Referee Academy are mostly active or former referees at association or DFB level who pass on their experience and knowledge. Some of the content is free of charge, some other content is chargeable.

Who runs Referee Academy?

An association of referee instructors and active referees.

How many different questions does the database have?

Currently, the database has 5,324 LOTG questions (as of May 2021), 89% of which have explanations of the correct answers.

Can I be sure that the questions are correct?

Yes, with a very high probability. Of course, mistakes do happen from time to time. If you notice something wrong, please report it via the link in the question (under the number tile) – we will check and correct the question within 72 hours. This can happen especially after Law changes (usually in summer). Law changes will be announced on the site.

How can you be sure of the interpretation?

All our staff members have a very high level of professional competence either through corresponding DFB instructor certificates and/or on the occasion of their league qualification as referees as well as training of referees. If, in rare cases, the staff do not agree, we make enquiries with the officials.

Why does the programme cost anything?

Development and maintenance costs of the database have to be considered in order to guarantee the best possible service. On the other hand, especially in the case of Law changes, enormous amounts of time are needed to keep the database up to date at all times. A voluntary commitment is no longer possible at this scale. After more than 5 years on the market, we have not only proven sustainability, but also reasonable price stability.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

All subscriptions taken out until February 2022 do not renew automatically and must be reordered manually.

By popular demand, we will offer an automatic renewal service from March 2022. All subscriptions can be cancelled at any time until the licence expires under “My account”. As a matter of principle, automatic renewal is excluded for licences through voucher codes!

Does the product officially have anything to do with any football associations?

No, we are completely independent. Accordingly, our content does not necessarily represent the opinion of the associations.

Is there a quantity discount for associations or groups?

Please contact us – individual prices to groups are possible from approx. 30 persons. Several associations and groups already use RefExpert for training and further education.

Any questions?

Then contact us. We are here for you.